NO.1 The XT Executive 240 supports additional features not available on the VC240 it replaced. One
of those features is an additional HDMI display. What is a characteristic or requirement of that
A. It requires an optional license.
B. It requires the optional camera.
C. One display shows video and one display shows content.
D. Both displays must show the same image.
Answer: C

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NO.2 Using the red numbers in the Avaya [email protected] Video Conferencing diagram, with a standalone
ECS gatekeeper, determine the correct signaling flow for an XTE240 to join a meet-me
videoconference call on an Elite 6000 MCU. {Use the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the diagram.)
A. 14 >> 7
B. 14 >> 12 >> 5>> 7
C. 14 >> 12 >> 9>> 7
D. 14 >> 9 >> 7
E. 14 >> 6 >> 7
Answer: D

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NO.3 Using the red numbers in the Avaya [email protected] 6.2 & [email protected] Interoperability diagram, determine
the correct signaling flow for an Scopia Desktop client to join a meet-me videoconference call on an
Elite 5000 MCU. (Use the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the diagram.)
A. 3 >> 13 >> 15
B. 3 >> 5 >> 6 >> 13 >> 15
C. 3 >> 6 >> 13 >> 15
D. 3 >> 6 >> 15
E. 3 >> 5 >> 13 >>15
Answer: C

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NO.4 You are helping Don learn about the [email protected] Elite MCU. He wants to know when you need
MCU cascading. What are two reasons for MCU cascading? (Choose 2)
A. To maintain the conference when a master MCU fails
B. To save bandwidth when several participants are near each location
C. To support meetings that exceed the maximum, single MCU capacity
D. To connect telepresence systems from multiple manufacturers
E. To allow a mix of telepresence users and standard room system users
Answer: B

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Reference: (slide 41)

NO.5 In a typical Avaya [email protected] 6.2 environment. Session Manager provides the call admission control
functionality. But with the addition of [email protected] based collaboration, Scopia Management (iView)
provides that functionality for the Scopia environment. In addition to call admission control, another
function it provides is bandwidth management. For what type of calls can Scopia Management
manage or limit the bandwidth used?
A. For only SIP internal calls
B. For only SIP external calls
C. For any SIP call
D. For only H.323 internal calls
E. For only H.323 external calls
F. For any H.323 call
G. For any SIP or H.323 call
Answer: B,D

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NO.6 In addition to the [email protected] Gateway for [email protected] Lync and the Elite MCU, there are other
Scopia products that could be included in a Microsoft Lync and OCS2 environment. This includes
evident and Scopia PathFinder. In this type of Microsoft environment, where would the customer use
the PathFinder for firewall traversal?
A. Customer's partners with Lync endpoints
B. Customer's partners with H.323 endpoints
C. Customer's Lync endpoints
D. Customer's partners with SIP endpoints
Answer: C

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NO.7 In connection with a CCT implementation project for the Government of Mourito, Avaya has
partnered with a leading Distributor in the country. Avaya is required to import certain telecom
equipment into Mourito. Avaya arranges for the shipment and same reaches Mourito port. In order
to release the shipment, a no-objection letter is required from the customs unit in charge of the port.
This is standard operating procedure in Mourito vis-a-vis overseas shipments. Typically, it takes about
7-14 working days to receive the letter. The Distributor, citing project exigency, pays a sum of $150 to
a senior customs official and obtains the NOC. What prompts the Distributor to make the payment is
that facilitation payments are customary and legal in Mourito.
What breach, if any, has the Distributor committed?
A. None, the payment made by the Distributor constituted facilitation payment which is customary
under the laws of Mourito
B. The Distributor has breached Avaya's policy since Avaya prohibits facilitation payments
Answer: B

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NO.8 Avaya is bidding for a telecommunications project with the Government of India ("GOI")
through one of its Partners. The GOI official who is in charge of the tender requests that the Partner
arrange a site visit to Avaya premises to check out our facilities. This is part of the bidding process
which authorizes the concerned department to undertake a capability study of all the bidders. The
Partner and Avaya take the three (3) member GOI team on a tour of Avaya facilities and conduct a
demo of our core offerings. At the end of the demo. Partner and Avaya serve refreshments i.e.
tea/coffee and biscuits for the GOI team.
Have the Partner and Avaya conducted themselves in compliance with Avaya policy?
A. Yes, because there was nothing wrong with facilitating the above since it was arranged pursuant to
a legitimate government process (of reviewing bidder capabilities).
B. No, because by hosting government officials, both the Partner and Avaya attempted to influence
the government to secure a favorable response bid response.
Answer: A

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