NO.1 What describes the Black Market Peso Exchange money laundering method?
A. The best known money laundering method used by known terrorists
B. An undercover technique to identify politically exposed persons who may assist moneylaunderers
C. A method primarily used by narcotics traffickers to transfer value back to the source country
D. A method used to smuggle dollars or pesos across that border from the U.S. to Mexico, and
Answer: C

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NO.2 A profitable commercial customer who operates an import-export business has multiple
accounts with the same institution at branches m different locations. The customer receives funds
from a jurisdiction perceived as highly corrupt according to Transparency International ratings. The
customer makes frequent transfers among the accounts and prefers to manage the accounts
separately. What should the institution do to mitigate the risk associated with these accounts?
A. File a suspicious transaction report
B. Diminish the importance of the subjective Transparency International rating
C. Conduct a trade-pnce manipulation analysis
D. Develop a system to monitor all the activity
Answer: A

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NO.3 What are three elements of a sound Customer Due Diligence Program?
A. Determination of what type of customer the financial institution will accept
B. Training as to how and to what extent to identify prospective customers
C. Obtaining date of birth and address of a prospective customer
D. Determination of who in the institution should be assigned to the prospective customer as aliaison
Answer: A,B,C

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NO.4 What are three factors a financial institution should examine with regard to a new customer
who is opening up a new account? Choose 3 answers
A. The country or location where the customer is from or does business
B. The type and size of the business the customer runs
C. The legal structure of the customer's business
D. The previous financial institutions where the customer has banked
Answer: B,C,D

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NO.5 A compliance officer is looking to update an institution's private bank procedures. What should
be included as recommended by the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?
A. Approval of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) by at least one person other than the
B. Dedicated automated AML monitoring of client activity
C. Review of client files annually if there are unusual transactions
D. The institution's senior management has primary responsibility for the relationship
Answer: A

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NO.6 What should law enforcement provide when asking an institution to keep an account open?
A. An explanation of the underlying conduct that is being investigated
B. A written request with an explanation of the scope of the investigation
C. An in-person visit by an investigating official to explain the reasons why the account mustremain
D. A written request on government agency letterhead with the appropriate signature
Answer: D

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NO.7 Which activity is most likely to facilitate money laundering through on-line systems with
inadequate controls?
A. Conducting a large volume of transactions
B. Providing continuous worldwide access
C. Conducting anonymous transactions
D. Conducting large value transactions
Answer: B

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NO.8 A customer comes into the bank and appears to be ill-at-ease waiting in the teller line. When
the customer gets to the teller, he become exceedingly nervous and asks for a large cashier's check to
be cashed and disbursed to him in $100 bills.
What should the teller do after completing the transaction?
A. Confer with the bank' s account going forward
B. File a SAR on the customer
C. Monitor the customer's account going forward
D. File a CTR on the customer by the end of the day
Answer: B

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